The Walking Dead Episode 3


Well yes, they're back together.

I just had the pleasure of watching The Walking Dead Episode Three. I’m not going to give you a writeup of what happened, because you need to see it for yourself, it’s just one of those kinda shows.

But if you HAVE to read the review then you will find a really nice one here

I seem to be getting a lot of Google hits for episode 1, 2 and 3 Code Words?

I’m guessing you’re looking for this :
Episode 1 : Days Gone Bye.

Episode 2: Guts.

Episode 3: Tell it to the frogs.

If you want to discuss the TV Show, or find links to places you can find the latest episodes please visit the forum.


The Walking Dead Episode 3 Preview

Here’s a sneak peak at The Walking Dead Episode Three. What do you think about the wife of the leading actor?

Blog Writers and Forum Moderators

As The Walking Dead TV Series grows so will this blog and our forum. I would really like to have other writers and moderators with an open mind and a easy-going writing style to contribute to both projects. No it’s not a paid job, but yes it’s going to be fun. Please comment if you’re interested.

Note : If you would like to write about other tv show, same genre, then you’re welcome to do so.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Renewed

After two blockbuster episodes, AMC renewed the comic book adaptation,The Walking Dead.

The debut of the zombie television show counted 5.3 million viewers and the second episode counted 4.7 million viewers. The second season will feature 13 episodes–just like another AMC hit, Mad Men.

–  MediaBistro

I’m really happy about this, but I’m also not one for creating t0o high an expectation for a show which only has two episodes out. What’s your opinion.

The Walking Dead New Photo’s

Here’s some pictures from The Walking Dead TV Show for your viewing pleasure. More will come as the show starts picking up pace.

The Walking Dead Forum

I’ve really fallen in love with the awesomeness that is “The Walking Dead” , mostly because the zombie or living dead genre has been used to death(excuse the pun) in recent times and I didn’t expect to find another zombie show that I’d care to follow. But like a teenager will drool over a vampire with sparkles I am now addicted to the show and the Comic Series.

This is why I setup this blog and a NEW FORUM , where the rest of you peeps can read news and have a chat about blood, guts and real emotions.

Check out the forum here. ( Like I said, it’s new.)

Note: If you’re really bored the forum has a game called “13 Days in Hell”, which none of you can beat me in. Consider that a challenge.

The Walking Dead Unofficial Blog

The walking dead tv show posterThis is the new “The Walking Dead” Unofficial Blog and Forum. I’ll be keeping you updated with the latest in new episodes, behind the scenes news and all the blood and guts that come with it. The series is pretty new so won’t be much going on right now, but I do feel like this series is going to be HUGE.